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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  February 15, 2013 6:28pm-7:00pm EST

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wealthy british style. expert on. the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on . my juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of
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corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another well behind that which is how to influence the institutions to steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hung around the office and lots of strange faces around so i said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police have the police come in through the mount that didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business. in the uk risky it's one person. one fault in the brussels business it's one euro one fault.
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every six months there was an e.u. summit and every six months that your team it's just a few days before. location and date were kept confidential the booking was made two years in advance. left behind was a clear message to the following you summit on the heads of governments a few days later. adopt the single market the monetary union infrastructure projects a flexible labor market deregulation downsize public services austerity measures and so on and so on the whole your liberal agenda for the basically our picture got
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confirmed by an american scholar stepping into the topic maria green call's i was interested and doing something about europe and something about the european union i started talking with some of the c.e.o.'s and in particular the corporate affairs managers of these firms to ask them what happened and everybody had a little piece of the story and then i met with keith richardson. keith and i would talk about different things and he would give me some ideas and i'd go and i'd talk with other individuals and then i'd come back with more questions and sometimes keith had the answers and sometimes he didn't and finally i believe it was on my seventh meeting with keith when i said to keith you know i can write about this i can have all these different interviews but i really want to see the pieces of paper said to me well you know i have a bunch of cardboard. in the basement of the yeti we haven't opened them they're
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from the earlier days we just we just put this material in the boxes and of course and you know in the back of my mind i was very excited thinking this is it. maria green calls came across a tell x. . it was from visit decker see your phillips. in december nine hundred eighty five he wrote to the heads of state just before the signing of the single european acts which started the process of the single market . the crux of the tallackson is as follows you know we don't know what you're going to do but we want you to act you can act one way or another if you choose not to have a single market program then you have given us no choice but perhaps take our business elsewhere.
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this was a clear fred the year two you were presented sixty percent of western europe's industrial output this was blackmail. why did not a single government say anything about the deck or taylor hicks. or about the other friend start followed. they were elected representatives. but we felt that this was a betrayal and we wanted to do something about it it's it was important for a bigger public to know about this and we decided to publish a book. and besides collecting data we started to make interviews. undercover interviews. finally in spring one thousand nine hundred seventy we
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assembled the results of our investigations and interviews into reports europe. rescheduled the book launch for the big use some of them so that all the media would be there we were excited as. we had prepared the book launch and half an hour before the first friend started arriving but. very little or no pressure showed up. so unfortunately our first public events was really not noticed as part of. the job of the most ambitious monetary being ruled by a key exercise the strengthening of the rule system of multilateral craig. and perhaps most important the establishment of a stronger broadly based. brain organizer.
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i started to work on the financial services katz negotiations and that was really a time where i discovered this is just like we'd like to do that. we've come to the end of the most far reaching trade negotiation ever. the negotiators of the hundred seventeen governments involved richie to make stuart race excess. with your approval therefore my gavel the euro why rodas continue. in telemarketing. was economy and a very important market which market was a high g.d.p. per capita and that when the european. in was going outside and negotiate as
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a bloc they had a real power because there was a biggest exporter the biggest importer the biggest foreign investor. but so in britain the trade commission of the opinion was complaining that i would every time he was going to negotiate with the united states in front of him we see is counterpart here you have your recent gardener who says three or four years and on his back he would have c.e.o.'s of big banks a big insurance companies telling please do that for me please do that for us but winterland britain was turning his back to see where the support was he was actually having only some ministers saying don't do this don't do that and please do that it only but not more and he was really not very happy you know because we discovered that there is a whole world of lobbyists in washington to tell their government what they want in the trade association. and we thought this is a way we have to go we have to do something like that the european institutions is
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asking for it these institutions cannot only rely on the information given by the member states and the expert in the finance ministry is why they need to get information directly from the the bank that the insurance company. you know so they're not a point in time european trade commission a so in britain decided ok there is association i'm not really serious about this issue i am going to invite for dinner fourteen see you of the major services companies in europe so it's about big banks big telecom big insurance big decisions services big transport services big tourism companies when you take all the different sectors it is actually making about seventy percent of the g.d.p. in europe so we invited to bunch of forty of those. and. after the dinner he said well now that you've got some some food by the commission you only saw things you have to do so. something for me people sometimes think that
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the commission comes up with ideas out of the blue with and pushes them it's not so a tool the commission is thirsty for ideas from the cannot make acton's to help us to decide what to put food in the interests of europe. this is where the idea of creating a network of association and companies pushing for the trade in service is used by the private sector came up and became managing director of the open services for. relief. in general to nine we had. eleven months to prepare seattle first every cio i mean it's your conference as a creation of this organization imagine at four and the idea was that this meeting is going to lounge the millenium brown that's so you know britain had so much push
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for. britain never got to see how tall the entire commission had to resign because of the massive fraud several commissioners were involved in. the millennium round itself took a completely unexpected turn. i was based in the hotel and there's a conference within the sheraton five hundred metres away and i have not been allowed to go out of the hotel because it was one protester blocking the door by lying. and it was a police officer beside him and asking can i go outside please i would like to go and do my job. i was going to assist as a louse of the c.s. around so that we will enter into a new phase a negotiation is a libra zation of service. i remember that commissioner let me as been blocked i mean yes meaningful to antares. car but the car couldn't move because of those
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people they're just there and the policeman say please go away in five meters so that the v.i.p.'s here can do his job. many n.g.o.s say that the s.s. is a secret secret organization having secret meetings you can commission all the everything is on their website i mean i am doing my job by contacting the commission and the officials responsible for my file if anybody else would like to do the same there's as their phone number is on the in the world on the website i'm just doing my job and i don't have anything specific but is a commission has some relationship with the surface because it commission is willing to get some information from the services sectors before negotiating on their behalf because this is what we're talking about trade is done by companies not by n.g.o.s. this is the annual dinner at the french if you're a cheese really a very big brussels organization lots and lots of people from different countries
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different jobs different walks of life who do all interested in. how can you develop how can we be right things to do wrong and how can i build a lot we've already done. i mean coolest thing trying to. think tanks in brussels are you feeling a part of the vacuum that exists now that you live with that there is no european promptly to peace. to syntax to step into that vacuum and the forums in which something like a debate happens inside the process bob. there are national politicians here european politicians through a civil servant said the dreaded you know it creates a dear good diplomat strict businessman good professions through diverse interests all sorts of people are wondering about this is easy to be like you really if you would be still want to know. when i would. if they need to be moderate my job is to
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keep in contact i think tanks are not themselves lobbyists but they are part of the landscape of lobbying because companies use them to transmit their demands and their their perspectives and hence all of these are heavily dependent on industry funding. simple response microsoft is one of american business is present in europe microsoft is one of them why not. have had think tanks in brussels that were directly funded by the oil industry and that were working to sort out about whether there is such a thing as climate change and whether it's important for governments to act is to reduce c o two emissions. you can set up research institutes to provide you with. research that's kind of strengthens your position. you can launch message p.r.
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campaigns and flood the media with your information. what also happens is setting up fake n.g.o.s as happened in the big battle about the software patents law suddenly there were these advertisements from an enduro that's said it was representing small and medium sized companies puts the financial backers of this and she over microsoft and disappear. in the end it's all about money in the it's one person one vote but in the brussels baseness it's one euro one fault the problem is we don't know about the money behind politics we don't know how much is being spent on lobbying by whom and on which issues. we need to cut this on the democrats control it has to be made visible what the role is of lobbying in the decision making what is the role of a large company like monsanto or shell. and
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so one of my first testimonies before the european commission was a very very awakening experience. i had one commissioner interrupt me and say well we understand you had a problem in the united states with lobbying activities but he went on to say but you know this is brussels and this is europe we don't have that kind of activity going on here which just kind of floored me that anyone could be so naive.
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more that perhaps the fact of answer was ok i'll concede that a lot of these k. street lobbyists and the professional obvious here in the united states maybe corrupts however i know every major k. street lobby shop also has a lobby shop in brussels and so we're in your bed europe don't you want to know if you think that we are so corruptible and so corrupting don't you want to know who we are and who's paying for us and what it is we're trying to get you to do for us. we had to decide to regulate lobbying for a long time. before the new commission came in and for the first time eastern european countries were part of.
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the first burnell commission started in autumn two thousand and four we wrote an open letter to the commission president and. also signed by over fifty n.g.o.s. i would just like to say thank you. that's a very sincere thank you for the confidence which you just voiced and invested in me and i'd like to say to you that i understand this is a vote of confidence as also implying huge responsibility on my part and we are going to work hard give our all to serve europe to serve the institutions of the
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european union and to serve all our coast citizens of europe that. the response was a very short formal letter saying we received your letter sent you a very interesting. no substantial response. so it was sent a signal to all the presidents of the commission. and suddenly towards the end of february we were contacted by same color as commissioner from estonia responsible for administration in fighting against her. so we went to mr cullison. office which was somewhere in the top of the building. we didn't know what we had to expect from this meeting we had never been approached by a commission so in that sense it was very exciting were welcomed by mr cullison himself
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and one of his cabinet members and in his hand is the colors of the brochure and that made us smile it was a lovely plan it got to brussels which was a tongue in cheek very critical look at industry lobbying in the u. written by eric and me in our our colleagues. when i started the. commission and i really souls at services so weak suspicion surrounding said decision making in european union. of course i. say establish for myself a purpose do a little to reduce the suspicions. told a step he was going to launch this european transparency initiative and we immediately saw that its roots are because political opportunity. as an outsider was business he also had a clear sense for how the ordinary citizen brussels. and some colors to get on with the lobby in the street. european commission is going to
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its that's activities of interests representatives are legitimate valuable input into the decision making process have to happen in a transparent manner the commission can see that that these important to know their interest representatives are what the interests they represent and against what financial background. of say efforts to do creates a speech or to make the speech. of course outlined main principles of transparency initiative which should be done and it was of course met . with the excitement. a lot of controversial reactions on if you know without financial transparency we'll never find out who really is behind the campaign stick . a little bit more control on ourselves we can harm our reputation with our voters
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but it cannot be transparency must not for closer contact with real life with interest groups or groups without interest thank you commissioner callous and certainly understand this. when the european union was considering the european transparency initiative they were looking for some advice as to how some of these achievements happened in the u.s. and as a result i was brought out about half a dozen different times to testify before the european commission and the european parliament to tell the truth i was very impressed with the same color as when i first started working with him in the european commission some call as helped really the whole significance of needing transparency. he was very adamant at first about setting up a mandatory disclosure system full transparency but halfway through the process some colors came up against the political reality and. after free years of struggle
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and political fights and exhausted commission and set the stage to finally launch a lobby register a group. would moon moon or often. so quite that remarkable moment today. three years ago i proposed to set up a register of lobbyists you know to do in hans transparency and and legitimacy and i want you to see in making persists and. openness from today. so we proposed voluntary solution because i was i am coming to. cece walt suit floor all expect basins and i async said today's them is a very important moment of cultural change i am also an easy seven
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six aspect of this isn't making in european institutions. some colors introduced a voluntary system against all recommendations by n.g.o.s and experts this was the best he could get. we have tried for over two years now to find out who had blocked callouses or original intention. where it's other commissioners the commission secretary and the lobbyist themselves. one month after the financial crisis started in october two thousand and eight. appointed the independent high level group on financial supervision. the group was to work our proposals for the regulation of the financial markets and to find a way out of the financial crisis. eight so-called wise men were appointed to this
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group. struck a lower share and i must say that i'm only doing my easing mccarty nashik culture over each to separate us from now on this and last nigga. we looked into the independence of this independent group and we found some less honest things. the lover she is the co-chair of a financial lobby organization. linked to lehman brothers. gooding to citi group leasing to goldman sachs. accounting nuber and bunch of always. i'm notorious deregulators. in paris from now on this works to provide financial market intelligence to big banks. three of the eight were directly linked to american banks all of which were directly involved in causing the crisis.
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which in addition closely linked to american right wing think tanks like the cato institute was one of the closest advisors to the bush administration he was also involved in the earlier i think tanks in brussels and poland and the u.k. . of a single of these wise men that was in favor of strict regulation another single one of them was really independence and the effect of these eight wise men on overcoming the financial crisis was zero the main thing that happened was that a lot of public money was flowing to the banks. as if. this whole affair has a horrible sense of deserve all the same financial institutions that were bailed out with taxpayers' money i know making
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a fortune from greece's misfortune well those same taxpayers are paying the price in deep cuts to their salaries and social services. after twenty years of deregulation and liberalisation suddenly the european union herself was at the edge of being blown up. what is at stake is not only the european union but also democracy and the future of the values that we hold dear. was a dis what we europeans had wanted. is it really naive to have a european dream. to do this in the human nature and yet not on the good you always have about science
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and. and we need to make sure that we keep only the good and therefore you need religion. when you live in a society you have groups because otherwise people are going too fast on the motorway because people are not respected elders because the stronger takes place this is this is human nature what we have done to go and make sure that we live together is by creating legislation in place by creating an authority that everyone respect.
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let me let me i want to know don't let me ask you a question from. here i missed that word is we're out in the bay we have our knives out. to bring you this trial just about staying there again here in a situation where be an itinerary to talk about the surveillance.
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potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit starting in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down he said the bottom line there is still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. jason it is kind of pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout much of in life nobody's allowed to be driving lessons from emergency vehicles are exceptions. passed back.


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